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Custom Content Search Engines

In e-commerce, a search engine is used to bring to the potential customer the product or service they are looking for. In training, search engines help staff to locate documentaion about a product or workflow quickly.

Search Engine is the software that allows the end user to locate the piece of information, they need when they need.

Allows your staff to locate and reach that single piece of information in a timely manner. When you have a lot of digital assets you are in need to provide your employees with training material, then building a smart search engine is a wise investment.

Data Migration & Publishing

Data is a valuable asset of the organization, and needs to be protected and preserved. Data migration is a key element to consider when adopting any new system, either through purchase or new development. One would think that any two systems that maintain the same sort of data must have performed similar tasks. Therefore, information from one system should map to the other with ease. However, this is rarely the case.

If you are looking to switch CRM, ecommerce, or even email software, you are in the right place. You no longer have to be stuck with a hard choices, either leave the old data or pay huge investment ? Well, you no longer have to worry.


Forming and maintaining relationships with customers is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without positive relationships, it’s hard to thrive in any industry and long-term success can be jeopardized. That’s why it’s so advantageous to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system into your operations.

Gain complete visibility of your orginazation. Automate workflow and allow better collaboration between teams and department.

Software Development

Backend or Frontend, we develop applications and engineer software targeting any device.

The human factor is a fundamental aspect of our business. According to the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. That is why CityNix© capital asset is a team of united, like-minded professionals.

System Integration

System integration is process of bringing together the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system.

Acquiring a complete enterprise management software is only half of the solution. The other half is the effective integration of the software with the rest of the enterprise - the operational, ERP, sales, CRM, website, financial, HR and other systems.

Pinpoint's Systems Integration Services optimize your investment in enterprise management software by architecting and implementing these application and database interfaces.

A CRM system integrator takes a problem that may have some engineering input and that has general requirements and specifications and provides an answer that includes final project engineering, documentation, procurement of hardware, development of custom software, installation, testing, and commissioning.

Technical Support

Our technical support teams stand ready to assist you with all of your technical questions regarding your product. Whether it is installation and configuration assistance or help resolving a product failure we are here to help.

About Us

We are a team of highly skills tech savvy, who happened to be business oriented, and cool crew. We enjoy problem solving, and strive to be as creative as a geek can be. We help clients, over come their technical difficulties, and allow them to focus on making money.

Periodically, the company may hire contractors but these are mainly experts in specialized subject areas and technologies and instructors. Practically all our employees are certified specialists or masters in the field of IT, applied mathematics, mathematical physics and other IT related fields.

Why us

What makes us stand out against our competetors, and why would you make us your IT service provider ?
Here's why:

  • We are supportive, we don't ask countless questions. We use our expereince to propose and recommend solutions.
  • We deliver on time. We hire only project managers with military background, so we know what a deadline really means.
  • Competitive prices, with unmatched quality. Our prices are very affordable.
  • We utilize and support the most reliable opensource technologies in our products. So no verndor lock-in
  • Our clients will be given the source code under the business friendly ASL.

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2446 Bank Street, suite 642

Ottawa, Onario, Canada

K1V 1A8

UAE: +971 566 533 599

Canada +1 613 793 5225


Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 20 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 17 pm

Sunday: day off

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